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Trends in Fashion That Pakistani Men Could Follow in 2024

Every element of society is exhibiting the effects of the times, and fashion is no exception. By today's standards, anything that was deemed a style statement a few decades ago would be seen as outdated. Men's fashion has changed dramatically over time.

It used to be simple and generic, but now it's quite inventive and quirky. Since men's fashion is always evolving, we forecast the changes we may expect in this year. It is no secret that people's tastes in fashion evolve with the times. We forecast the fashion trends that Pakistani guys may follow in this post.

The emergence of "dad chic" trend 

The term "dad chic" refers mostly to the everyday wearable style of older adult males, i.e., our fathers. On the other hand, a growing number of younger guys are embracing this look and wearing it every day. 

A good example of "dad chic" attire is the Men’s shalwar kameez in Pakistan. A customary outfit that men in their adulthood wear every day. Younger males wear shalwar kameez exclusively on exceptional occasions like Eid or a wedding. We now witness young males wearing the garment everywhere they go regularly. That pattern appears to continue into the upcoming year.

The Reappearance of Dye

The trendy, vibrant apparel looks have gained a lot of popularity among young people. These days, you see more young men wearing bright shirts. Men are wearing what was formerly considered unusual in a variety of settings and social situations. Current trends indicate that individuals will still be sporting this type of flamboyant and bright style in the upcoming year.

Return of Denim

Possibly a trend that is impossible to ignore because it is evident wherever you look. This clothing style is a fantastic fusion of Western and indigenous influences.  Wearable at any time of day, the mix of the two creates a distinctive and fashionable clothing style. This dress is becoming increasingly fashionable, and we can only expect to see this trend continue to rise in the upcoming year.

Printed Kurta

Printed shirts are the newest thing in fashion, and many guys can be seen sporting them around the nation. It was formerly thought that only women wore printed shalwar kameezes, but now guys are seen wearing them as well. It is fair to assume that this trend will continue as more guys wear these kinds of clothes. We believe that the popularity of this trend will skyrocket in the upcoming year.


Men are increasingly adopting what was formerly exclusively reserved for women. These days, you see more guys accessorizing with matching watches and jewelry to go with their outfits. Many guys consider carefully whether their watch will go with their attire before deciding which one to wear. 

 We think that for the upcoming year, the trend will continue since it has entered the mainstream. This just serves to highlight how far menswear has come in recent years.

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