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Design Trends for Shalwar Kameez That Will Up Your Style A Game

A basic item in any man's closet is the shalwar kameez. It is the most elegant and cozy clothing one can wear. Also, it is deeply ingrained in our national clothing and has a unique role in our history. It is also the most adaptable ensemble, allowing you to customize it to your personal taste and comfort level.

Recently, the newest trends in shalwar kameez design have taken a contemporary approach. Designers have started experimenting with flowery embroidery and quirky patterns for men's wear kurta designs.

These are the best men's shalwar kameez styles that are now popular on our timeline.

Trending Black

An elegant black shalwar kameez is always a good choice. The trendiest guys in the Pakistani fashion business, including Atif Aslam, Imran Khan, and the original Hamza Ali Abbasi, who never fails to look good in his go-to black shalwar set, even at the most glitzy occasions like the Lux Style Awards, love to wear this. We can safely assume that the man has looked dashing every time he has worn his favorite outfit to meetings, interviews, formal events, and Eid.


A polished white shalwar kameez with impeccable tailoring epitomizes the traditional look. In addition to being stylish on its own, it gives you a blank canvas on which to drape shawls or waistcoats. If you're attending a wedding in a white shalwar set, this is the ideal backdrop for some striking embroidery and vivid colors. The waistcoat and needlework are intricately embroidered in gold.

Printing Classics

Not only are geometric designs, the return of block prints, and traditional flora and fauna popular in women's fashion, but men's fashion is following suit. This time, experiment with colors and designs to show that bold and colorful prints are appropriate for both men and women.

In addition to floral designs, block patterns were the hottest thing in spring and summer. They were seen in bridal gowns and daily casual attire, and they are now making a comeback in the menswear market.

Prince Coats

A simple shalwar kameez goes well with prince jackets because they exude nobility. They are the ideal option for destination weddings as they perfectly combine Eastern and Western design elements. They give you a polished appearance and a well-fitting prince coat is more attractive than a sherwani.

For a royal coat, you can choose from a variety of materials including karandi, silk, velvet, or jamawar. Although they can also look fine without any frills, you can always add some elaborate details. For a midday walima event, pastel prince jackets with silver or gray embroidery on a white kameez pajama are the ideal ensemble.

Straight Trouser

These are the most fashionable styles of shalwar kameez or pajamas. They instantly make you appear put together and attractive, especially the well-fitting ones that include pockets. Make sure the length of your kameez complements the trousers to achieve a toned look with straight pants.

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